A VERY Happy Ending!

Regular followers of our website will know all about Darcy and her search for a home. She was one of our longest stay residents and, despite our best efforts, had been overlooked time and again.

Then one day a lovely application for Darcy arrived in our inbox and we all got very excited!

Cassie and Patrick came down to visit and they were all we had hoped they would be; kind, patient, energetic, and with an enthusiasm that matched Darcy’s! Most importantly, they were understanding of Darcy’s intense excitement at being out of her kennel and could overlook her excessive energy to see the loving dog she really is. Cassie and Patrick visited several more times to build a proper relationship with Darcy before taking her home. They recognised that she had been with us at the Centre for so long that taking her away from us would be a very stressful experience for her. Eventually, the day came when Darcy was ready to start her new life. There were tears all round as we waved her goodbye, but we all knew she couldn’t have found a better Forever Home.

Cassie and Patrick have sent us regular updates. It hasn’t all been plain sailing – Darcy has tested them at times, but they have always put her security and happiness first. They love her absolutely and have been determined to do whatever was needed to help her settle into her new life. Cassie especially has devoted herself to Darcy, spending time each day on a regular routine of exercise, training and cuddles. This determination has paid off and Darcy has blossomed into the fabulous companion we all knew she could be. Patrick said “We are so sorry that she had to spend so much time in kennels, but we are so glad she waited for us. Many people have missed out on a beautiful little girl.”

We can’t thank Cassie and Patrick enough for seeing Darcy’s potential and making a commitment to her. That she has developed into a beautiful little girl is a credit to them. We wish all three of them the happiest of times together.

See our Facebook page for more photos of Darcy https://www.facebook.com/pg/westnorfolkrspca2015/posts/?ref=page_internal

2018 Update

We’ve had an email from Cassie & Patrick to say that it’s been a year since they adopted Darcy and they are very happy with her and the day they decided Darcy was the dog for them! Darcy can still be hard work sometimes but they say this is her character and they wouldn’t want her any other way! As we’ve already said before, we are very grateful that Cassie & Patrick took beautiful Darcy home with them!

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